Update, November 2014: These days, I’m hosting my own vanilla minecraft server on Linode, using MCMyAdmin for a web interface.

I finally did it. I broke down and rented a Minecraft server.

Previously, I had hosted a Minecraft server pretty successfully on my personal web server. The problem became two-fold: it was a huge time-sink, as updating all the plugins that I was running took a long time at each release. Also, while hosting the Minecraft server, my server would often become unresponsive, requiring a restart. This was unacceptable, as I also host a Teamspeak 3 server, an IRC bouncer, and multiple websites from my server. I needed maximum uptime! So I finally shut down my Minecraft server for good.

But now it’s back! OK, it’s not the exact same server – I didn’t bring the old world over. I wanted a fresh start. But it’s a Minecraft server, and it’s all mine for the building! OK, not all mine: I want you to come too! If you already have a Minecraft account, post it in the comments so I can add you to the user list. (Otherwise you won’t be able to build) If you’ve never played Minecraft, head on over to minecraft.net and buy the game. Just do it, it’s worth it.

My server is at mc.basepi.net. Come and join us in building something awesome! =)