More on SOPA and Protect-IP (Don’t break the internet!)

As I said in my previous post, SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) and Protect-IP are both very bad pieces of legislation. They are not only technically damning for the internet, but they are unconstitutional. When I started doing my due diligence the other day with regards to these bills, I didn’t know much about them. After some research, though, I have discovered just how bad these bills are. Here’s some more information, in a post by Adam Savage (from MythBusters).

That article is not that technical and doesn’t really quote the bills much. For the full story on the bills and just how technically bad they are, as well as how unconstitutional they are, read the Standford Law Review’s take on the bills.

These bills are being pushed by the entertainment industry pretty hard, and not necessarily for bad reason – piracy is an issue. But these bills are technically stupid, won’t actually solve anything (the second link addresses this – it would just force piraters to use alternate services from DNS, which is just bad for the internet at a whole and won’t stop their activities), and puts the US on a slippery slope towards censorship like Iran or China. The bills are being fought by every single major tech company. (And probably all the non-major tech companies as well – they’re just not as visible)

Leave your thoughts in the comments. And speak up to stop SOPA and Protect-IP!