Here we go again.

I mean, seriously. You’ve gotta be wondering, “Why does he even keep trying?” This has to be my 6th or 7th attempt at a blog. Shouldn’t I just give up already?

Well this time I’m trying something a little bit different. I’m going to blog about technology, rather than my personal life. Obviously I’ll try to throw some personal life stuff in there, but the problem is, I don’t feel like my life is interesting to write about, and thus I have a hard time staying interested in the writing, and I assume others have a hard time staying interested in the reading. Those of you who aren’t “techies” out there, I hope you’ll still come read a little. I think you’ll find some interesting stuff. And who knows, if I can keep up interest in a tech blog, maybe I’ll be able to make and keep a personal blog too.

More to come. I’m going to post a little on the reasoning behind this post a little later.